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Big Data Engineer is one of the most elite job roles in the industry and the salary of a Big Data Engineer isastonishing. The tricky part here is the various factors that are involved in determining the salary. In this Big Data Engineer Salary blog, we will figure out the determinants which affect the salary of a Big Data Engineer.

Demand for Big Data Engineer

In this era of data, each and every organization is acquiring data from all possible sources, analyzing it, & making data-driven decisions.

The data pipelines or ETL (Extract Transform load) pipelines and data warehouses are the foundationsof the organization. This provides the infrastructure to all decision-making processes running inside the organization. The Data Engineers are the one who designs, create, maintains & optimizes the complete processing system.

With the increasing data sources & accelerating data growth, various challenges have emerged in storing, processing & handling data. Major challenges are – huge volume of data, velocity at which data is getting generated, inconsistency in data & various formats in which data is present. This is called Big Data.

According to an Accenture study, 79% of enterprise executives agree that companies that do not embrace Big Data will lose their competitive position and could face extinction. Even more, 83%, have pursued Big Data projects to seize a competitive edge. – Forbes

In spite of considering Big Data as a challenge, organizations are turning it into an opportunity. Opportunity to find insights from the data and gain competitive advantages over the rivals.

Worldwide Big Data market revenues for software and services are projected to increase from $42B in 2018 to $103B in 2027, attaining a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 10.48% according to Wikibon.– Forbes

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Starting from designing the data pipelines, to building & optimizing the complete system is challenging, especially when you are dealing with Big Data. This is the reason why Big Data Engineer salary is astounding.

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Before we start discussing the salary of Big Data Engineer and the factors on which it depends, let us quickly look at the Big Data Engineer jobs. The Edureka’s Big Data Engineer Course helps learners become expert in HDFS, Yarn, MapReduce, Pig, Hive, HBase, Oozie, Flume and Sqoop using real-time use cases on Retail, Social Media, Aviation, Tourism, Finance domain.

Big Data Engineer Job Trends

The best way to analyze Big Data Engineer job trend is by analyzing jobs available on various Job portals.


CountryNumber of Jobs


CountryNumber of Jobs
India (Data Engineer)13305
India (Big Data Engineer) 3040
US (Data Engineer)127,607
US (Big Data Engineer)20,153

After going through multiple job descriptions, we found that the Big Data Engineer salary has many variables & the required skills differ from job to job. To learn more about the required skill sets, go through this Big Data Engineer Skills blog.

Let us lookat different salary categories and the distribution of Big Data Engineer job according to it.

Job Distribution based on Big Data Engineer Salary

Indeed (India): Data Engineer Salary

Salary RangeNumber of Jobs

Indeed (India): Big Data Engineer Salary

Salary RangeNumber of Jobs

Indeed (US): Data Engineer Salary

Salary RangeNumber of jobs

Indeed (US): Big Data Engineer Salary

Salary RangeNumber of jobs

I know your next question! Why this Salary Gap? Don’t worry, now we will focus on various factors that distinguish the salary of different Big Data Engineers. You can even check out the details of Big Data with the Data Engineer Course.

Big Data Engineer Salary

The major factors on which the Big Data Engineer salary depends are:

  • Geography
  • Experience
  • Skill Sets

Big Data Engineer Salary Based on Geography

Data Engineer – India

Salary DistributionSalary
Average SalaryRs 794,537
SalaryRs 345,249 – Rs 1,747,926
BonusRs 15,205 – Rs 293,635
Profit SharingRs 5,068 – Rs 295,898
Total PayRs 346,062 – Rs 1,793,966

Sr. Data Engineer – India

Salary DistributionSalary
Average SalaryRs 1,599,695
SalaryRs 735,183 – Rs 3,000,000
BonusRs 50,335 – Rs 459,579
Total PayRs 735,183 – Rs 3,630,000

Data Engineer – US

Salary DistributionSalary
Average Salary$90,839
Salary$63,255 – $130,986
Bonus$2,037 – $19,278
Profit Sharing$1,953 – $30,067
Total Pay$63,615 – $139,119

Sr. Data Engineer – US

Salary DistributionSalary
Average Salary $124,029
Salary$88,561 – $154,060
Bonus$3,027 – $23,948
Profit Sharing$585 – $22,301
Total Pay$91,618 – $165,282

Now let us look at the salary distribution city-wise.

City-wise Big Data Engineer Salary

CityAverage SalaryTotal Pay
New York $99,463 $72,450 – $150,036
Austin, Texas
$87,078 $61,534 – $126,406
Chicago, Illinois $80,376 $67,647 – $127,755
Denver, Colorado$72,406 $49,832 – $155,084
Redmond, Washington$91,976
Columbus, Ohio $106,916
Arbor, Michigan $104,451
Arlington, Virginia $95,000
Cedar Rapids, Iowa $104,000
Washington, District of Columbia $91,979 $73,523 – $126,709
San Jose, California $ 122,084 $92,978 – $158,281
Los Angeles, California $99,449 $68,510 – $135,933

The average pay of a Big Data Engineer in Bangalore isRs 925,365 and the total pay can range betweenRs 484,790 to Rs 1,339,546. Whereas theaverage pay of a Big Data Engineer in Chennai isRs 700,000, and the total pay can range between Rs 484,790 – Rs 1,339,546.

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Big Data Engineer Salary Based on Experience

The experience is also an important factor in deciding the Big Data Engineer’s salary.

Entry-Level Data Engineer Salary

Salary DistributionNumber of jobs
Average Salary$ 84,780
Salary$60,622 – $119,894
Bonus$2,022 – $15,014
Profit Sharing$1,016 – $20,426
Total Pay$61,242 – $124,730

Mid-Career Data Engineer Salary

Salary DistributionSalary
Average Salary$102,961
Salary$74,507 – $145,955
Bonus$3,010 – $20,121
Profit Sharing$1,987 – $44,698
Total Pay$74,761 – $151,763

Experienced Data Engineer Salary

Salary DistributionSalary
Average Salary$118,182
Salary$81,384 – $159,242
Bonus$4,500 – $27,000
Profit Sharing$2,013 – $30,410
Total Pay$82,584 – $170,364

In India, the total pay of an experienced data engineer can variate between Rs 707,793 to Rs 2,649,583 with an average of Rs 1,615,000. An Entry-level Data Engineer with Apache Spark skills gets an average of Rs 1,615,000, whereas someone with SQL skills can expect an average salary of Rs 807,974. You can even check out the details of Big Data with the Azure Data Engineering Training in Bangalore.

Big Data Engineer Salary Based on Skills

This is the most important factor in determining the salary. While going through multiple job description, you will find each one of them has their own set of responsibilities & requirements. The responsibilities & corresponding skills are the most important factors in deciding your salary.

Skill-wise Big Data Engineer Salary

SkillAverage SalaryTotal Pay
Amazon Web Services (AWS) $97,434$71,196 – $134,361
Data Analysis $86,157$60,560 – $129,056
Data Management $75,000 $47,399 – $145,437
Big Data Analytics $96,559 $66,933 – $148,509
Apache Hadoop $103,177 $70,911 – $147,943
Apache Spark $99,818 $73,130 – $142,965
Data Mining / Data Warehouse $87,137 $48,377 – $131,447
Data Modeling $92,415 $62,040 – $141,415
Data Warehouse $96,812 $65,886 – $142,384
Java $ 102,171 $67,597 – $150,543
Machine Learning $90,000 $62,241 – $135,819
PostgreSQL $83,445 $72,945 – $150,000
Statistical Analysis $80,000
Tableau Software $83,465 $54,097 – $155,133
R $75,848 $45,649 – $102,409
ETL (Extract, transform, load) $96,410 $63,684 – $145,589
Database Architecture $98,264
Data Processing $94,132 $63,335 – $139,827
Data Quality $104,000
Database Development : $103,051
SQL $89,862 $64,575 – $135,403
Software Development $92,570 $66,827 – $128,177

In India a Data Engineer withData Analysis Skills gets an average salary ofRs 722,422, whereas someone withETL (Extract, transform, load) skills receives Rs 902,427. Their total pay can range fromRs 802,934 to Rs 2,102,934.

I hope thisBig Data Engineer Salaryblog has helped you in figuring out different factors on which the Big Data Engineer salary depends. Go through the Hadoop training in NYC and upgrade your career and payscale. In the next blog on how to become a Data Engineer, we will be focusing on the required skills & the learning path of Big Data Engineer.

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