List of Colleges in South Africa | Distance Learning (2023)

For many, higher education may prove to be difficult to achieve. Even though South Africa’s matric pass rate has significantly improved over the years, we’re still struggling. This means that many school leavers don’t meet university requirements. But, we all deserve good quality education for better jobs and more opportunities. With this list of colleges in South Africa, you have your work cut out in half for you.

Why Choose to Enrol in Colleges?

With so many choices for higher education, why is a college the best one for you? Well, for starters, it is much easier to enrol in a college. With the less strict requirements put in place, anyone gets a chance to study. Colleges are:


Colleges are often way cheaper than universities. You will not have to worry about hefty student loans. There are some colleges that have government loans available for students like NSFAS. With colleges that don’t have this, you can always negotiate a payment plan. What’s nice about studying with us is that you only pay for what you have studied for. If you enrol for a 12 months course but finish it six months, you’ll only pay for the six months you studied.

Saves Time

Colleges have courses that can be done in a short period such as Beauty, Educare or Call Centre Management courses. These are called short courses. They are convenient, valuable, and will have you working in no time. You also get to choose to study via distance learning. With no need to attend classes, you’ll have room for other obligations in your life.

They Offer Work-ready Training

Colleges are designed to offer courses that give a particular skill set for a particular job. This makes you better qualified for the position you want than a university graduate. You will not only have theoretical knowledge, you’ll also know the hands-on aspect of it. On completion of your course, you’ll be ready for the workplace. You’ll be equipped with all the skills a particular job needs.

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How Many Colleges are There in South Africa?

While some people may prefer going to universities to further their studies, some choose colleges. But, it is important to know what colleges are available in your area and where they are located. You also have to think of affordability and how easy it is to get in. All of this can be a lot. With this article, we’re about to make your life easier. To make choosing a college not that much of a field trip we will give you this list of colleges in South Africa.

Registered Public TVET Colleges

There are 50 registered public TVET colleges in SA. To make this easier for you, we have split them up according to the Province each college is located in.

Western Cape

  • Boland College
  • College of Cape Town
  • False Bay College
  • Northlink College
  • South Cape College
  • West Coast College

Eatstern Cape

  • Port Elizabeth College
  • Buffalo City College
  • Eastcape Midlands College
  • Ikhala College
  • Ingwe College
  • King Hintsa College
  • King Sabata Dalindyebo College
  • Lovedale College


  • Central Johannesburg College
  • Ekurhuleni East College
  • South West Gauteng College
  • Tshwane North College
  • Tshwane South College


  • Capricorn College
  • Liphalale College
  • Letaba College
  • Sekhukhune College
  • Vhembe College
  • Waterberg College

North West

  • Orbit College
  • Vuselela College

Northern Cape

  • Northern Cape Rural College
  • Northern Cape Urban College


  • Coastal KZN College
  • Elangemi College
  • Esayidi College
  • Majuba College
  • Mnambithi College
  • Ethekwini College
  • Umfolozi College
  • Umgungundlovu College


  • Ehlanzeni College
  • Gert Sibande College
  • Nkangala College

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Registered Private Colleges

We have over 300 private registered colleges in SA. Too many to list individually. Each one of them offers qualifications that have been approved by the NQF. They also meet the Department of Higher Education and Training standards.

How to Check a College’s Credibility

Because colleges are often so affordable and everyone is hungry for an education, it is easy to fall for scams. This is why it is important to check whether or not the college is registered. If you study at a non registered college, your qualification will be invalid. To avoid wasting your time and money, look at these two things:

Accreditation Status of The College

Is the college itself registered? For a college to be recognised as well as the qualification it offers, it needs to be registered with the DHET. They can also be accredited by Umalusi. But, only if they’re private institutions. Umalusi does not offer accreditation to public colleges. If the college does not have their accreditation on their website, do not consider it.

Accreditation Status of the Courses They Offer

Likewise, some of their courses can be accredited such as the NATED courses. Also, they need to state which courses are accredited. This is because colleges are allowed to have self-created courses. We call these provider programmes. They can’t be used for university applications but they can help you improve your CV. Or gain a new skill for a new job position.

Other than checking the colleges’ registration status, and the courses they offer, you can:

  • Check if the college has any relationship with other accredited institutions such as the ICB or the government.
  • Is the institution visible when you search for it online? Do they have a website with students’ reviews?
  • Can students really find work after finishing their courses?
  • Are the course fees transparent and the same for everyone?
  • Do they have reachable contacts or a head office?

Cannot Find What You Are Looking For?

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List of Colleges in South Africa | Distance Learning (8)

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List of Colleges in South Africa | Distance Learning (9)

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List of Colleges in South Africa | Distance Learning (13)


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List of Colleges in South Africa | Distance Learning (15)

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List of Colleges in South Africa | Distance Learning (16)

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List of Colleges in South Africa | Distance Learning (19)



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List of Colleges in South Africa | Distance Learning (21)


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Which Colleges Offer NSFAS?

Depending on your situation, you may want financial support. It is important then to know which colleges have NSFAS. Almost all of the public colleges will have NSFAS available for their students. There are certain requirements you’d have to meet to qualify. However, if you want to go to a private college, you can apply for a student loan with the banks. Or set up a payment plan with the college. Either way, colleges are affordable. You just have to find what works best for you.

What Method of Learning Should You Choose

The flexibility of a college is one of the many things that attracts students. You are not limited to on-campus life. You have a number of study options available to you. These are either distance learning, online learning or on-campus.

Distance Learning

With this method of study, you can study anywhere without leaving your house. Your study material gets delivered to you. You’ll have the opportunity to set your study hours. This method is convenient for people with other obligations such as work. You get to pace yourself. If you study with us, you only pay for the months you studied!

Online Learning

Online learning is a lot like distance learning. The only difference is that all your learning is done via the internet. Your study materials are also found online. There are no hard copies involved with this method of learning. Most colleges offer a combination of online and distance learning. This means that you get your study materials via post and submit your work online.


This is also known as the traditional way of studying. You have to attend classes on campus. There will be a lecturer in front of you. There are set times for each class and it often involves a lot of travelling. It is also one of the most expensive out of the three.

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