Nashville Airport Shuttle from $12 | BNA Ground Transportation Options (2023)

Nashville Airport Shuttle Companies

Nashville International Airport (BNA) is a joint-use airport located 9.5 miles from Nashville, Tennessee. It was originally named Berry Field. The number of passengers using BNA is continually rising, with almost 16 million people served in 2018.

If you’re driving to BNA, type the address below into your mapping app or GPS device to get directions:

Airport Code: BNA

1 Terminal Dr, Nashville, TN 37214, USA

To easily find everything you need when you get there, use this Nashville Airport map. If you want to book a secure Nashville Airport parking spot, click here.

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Ground Transportation

Considering that Nashville is the most populous city in Tennessee and that the number of passengers using the airport is getting bigger, we recommend you book your airport shuttle in advance. That way, you will avoid stress while trying to find a ride at the busy airport. Luckily, there are various transportation options at BNA, and we can help you find the best one: Nashville Airport Shuttle, Rideshare, Taxis, Limo & Car Service, Rental Cars, and Public Transportation.

Note that the new Ground Transportation Center at Nashville Airport is located on Level 1 of the Terminal Garage.

Nashville Airport Shuttle

If you enjoy listening to country music, there are several places in Nashville you have to visit: Grand Ole Opry, Ryman Auditorium, Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, The Johnny Cash Museum, and Tootsies Orchid Lounge. They offer many interesting exhibits, shows, concerts, and tours. If you are into Greek history, you should see the amazing replica of the Parthenon located in Centennial Park. There are also several important buildings from the Greek Revival period - the Tennessee State Capitol, Belle Meade Plantation, and The Hermitage.

To be able to see everything, you will need a reliable airport transfer. One of the best options is using a Nashville Airport shuttle. Check out more information below and choose the shuttle company that meets your requirements.

Groome Transportation is a reliable shuttle company with regular rides to/from BNA. If you’re looking for a ride from Nashville Airport to Chattanooga, Kimball, Monteagle, or Manchester, this is the best airport shuttle you could find with scheduled service. To discover their one-way rates, see our list below.











Where to find your Groome Transportation shuttle at BNA?

The pick-up location is in the new Ground Transportation Center - on Level 1 of the Terminal Garage.

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For more information or to make a reservation, call this Nashville Airport shuttle at (423) 954-1400.

Nashville Express Airport Shuttle can take you from Nashville Airport to any destination in the greater Nashville area. They offer shuttle services for individuals, smaller and bigger groups, and special events. Of course, if you travel with at least one additional passenger, you could save some money. To find out their cheap one-way rates from Nashville Airport to downtown, check out our list.

Number of Passengers








4 or more

$12 per passenger

How to find your Nashville Airport Express Shuttle at BNA?

When you pick up your luggage, go downstairs and follow the Airport shuttle sign. You can also ask at the information desk, and an airport representative will help you.

To make a reservation, you can fill out this form or call them at (615) 335-6479.

Bowling Green Shuttle Service offers dependable door-to-door airport shuttle service, as well as transportation for a Nashville convention, special occasions, and more. It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling alone or in a group, they will have an appropriate service for you.

They operate on working days from 8 AM to 4 PM. To find out more about their rates and services or if you want to book a Nashville Airport shuttle, call BG Shuttle at 270-781-4321.

InShuttle Transportation is another possible solution when it comes to the Nashville Airport shuttle bus service. They offer airport rides, charter bus services, tours, car services, and rides to Tennessee Titans games.

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To make a shuttle reservation, click here or call 615-255-3519.

Hotel Shuttles

If you still haven’t found a hotel or motel to stay at, choose one from our list of accommodations offering airport shuttle rides. If you did find a place, you can look at whether it is in our list to find out if you can get a complimentary shuttle to/from BNA. Many of them also offer an indoor pool or outdoor pool, continental breakfast, breakfast buffet, WiFi access, valet parking, and more.

You can use the phones at the airport to contact your hotel. Phone boards are on ground transportation and baggage claim levels.



Best Western Suites


Comfort Suites Airport


Country Inn & Suites


Courtyard by Marriott

615.882.9133 / 615.883.9500

Doubletree Suites


Drury Inn & Suites


Embassy Suites Hotel


Hilton Nashville Airport


Holiday Inn Express


Hyatt Place Airport Nashville


Radisson Hotel Nashville Airport


TownePlace Suites by Marriott Nashville Airport


Wingate by Wyndham Nashville Airport


You can see the entire list of accommodations with the Nashville Airport shuttle service here.

If you share your ride using some of the Transportation Network Companies, you can usually get a very competitive rate. These app-based companies are a good choice if you’re looking for a cheap ride from Nashville Airport to downtown. There are two rideshare providers authorized to operate at Nashville International Airport - Uber and Lyft.

Check the estimates below, compare them with other transportation options, and find the cheapest ride from Nashville Airport to Vanderbilt University, Nashville downtown, or Franklin.

Uber Nashville Airport

  • to downtown: $17.88
  • to Vanderbilt University: $19.36
  • to Franklin, TN: $31.24

Lyft Nashville Airport

(Video) Nashville Moves Shuttle Service

  • to downtown: $20-25
  • to Vanderbilt University: $20-25
  • to Franklin, TN: $32-36

Nashville Airport Taxi

If you’re willing to spend a little more money to get a more efficient transportation option, grab one of the taxicabs located on Level 1 of the Terminal Garage. The taxi meter starts at $7, and the rate is $2.10/mile. Check out all taxi operators at Nashville International Airport and their contact information:

Taxi Company

Phone Number

Allied Cab


American Music City Cab


Checker Cab


Green Cab


Kwik Cab


Magic Taxi


NashVegas Cab


Nashville Cab


Pink Cab


Taxi Taxi




TN National Cab


Volunteer Cab


Yellow Cab


There is a flat rate of $25 for those going to the downtown area. The approximate rates from BNA to some other destinations in the area are as follows:

  • to Marriott and Sheraton - $15
  • to Opryland Resort - $25
  • to Vanderbilt - $27
  • to Brentwood - $40-45
  • to Franklin - $55-60

Nashville Limo & Car Service

Looking for a luxurious limo or modern car to take you from BNA Airport to your hotel or some other destination? Need more privacy for a special occasion with internet access and flat screen TVs? Rest easy, there are numerous transportation companies which offer limousine/car services to/from Nashville Airport:

Car/Limo Company

Phone Number

615 VIP Rides


Advent Limo


Alpha Limousine, LLC


Black Steel Transportation


Brentwood Limousines

615.370.0707 / 800.865.5466



Emerald Luxury Transportation

615.678.4695 855.436.4902

First Choice Transportation Group


Go Livery


Grand Avenue

615.714.5466 / 866.455.2823

Legacy Limousines & Transportation

615.2205466 / 877.220.5462

Metro Livery

615.365.3434 866.748.2227

Music City Sedan


Nashville Chauffeur


Signature Transportation Service

615.244.5466 / 877.255.0033

Nashville Airport Car Rental

Having a very convenient location, Rental Car Facility is a just short walk away from Nashville Airport. To reach it, first exit the terminal on Level 1, turn left and follow the sidewalk past the Valet Drop-Off area. Cross Terminal Drive and proceed to the facility. Check out the airport map to locate it easier.

There are 10 companies offering rental services at BNA. Use one of them to visit the Nashville entertainment district, Nissan Stadium, or Opry Mills.

Rental Car Agency


Phone Numbers


First level



First level

615-340-6546 / 800-331-1212


Second level

615-361-1212 / 800-331-1212


Second level

615-366-0822 / 800-527-0700


Second level

615-367-0503 / 800-800-4000


First level

615-275-0011 / 800-736-8222


Third level

615-361-3131 / 800-654-3131


First level

615-340-6546 / 888-826-6890


Second level

615-275-2961 / 800-729-5377


Second level

615-361-6050 / 800-367-2277

Public Transportation

If you’re trying to find the cheapest transportation option from Nashville Airport to downtown, that is definitely via public transit. Nashville MTA offers one bus line - route 18 - from BNA to downtown Nashville. You can see its route and schedules if you click here.

Check out their cheap bus fares in the following list:

One Ride

All-Day Pass

7-Day Pass





19 and younger




65 and older





Does BNA have a shuttle service? ›

Buses & Shuttles

Buses and shuttles pick up in the Ground Transportation Center, Level 1 of Terminal Garage 2. Click here for a diagram showing pick-up locations. Directions to the Ground Transportation Center: Exit the Main Terminal on Level 1 and turn right.

Is there a free shuttle in Nashville? ›

Nashville MTA's Music City Circuit is a free bus service that runs 3 routes through the downtown Nashville corridor every 10 to 15 minutes, Monday through Saturday.

How do I get from the Nashville airport to my hotel? ›

There are two transfer options from BNA to downtown Nashville, taxi or bus. Taking a Nashville Airport taxi takes 18 minutes and costs a flat-rate fare of $25 (€23). The public number 18 bus takes 35 minutes and costs $1.70 (€1.50) one-way.

Is there a shuttle from Nashville airport to downtown Nashville? ›

Nashville Airport Shuttle Services

Our door-to-door travel services are available from Nashville International Airport to downtown Nashville and Nashville suburbs. Airport pick-ups are located at BNA's Parking and Transportation Center. The Parking and Transportation Center is next to the Short Term Parking Garage.

Is Uber cheaper than taxi in Nashville? ›

With the launch of uberX in Nashville, the convenience of Uber is now available at 25% cheaper than a taxi, so it's the only transportation option you need.

How much is an Uber from downtown Nashville to airport? ›

BNA Pickup Instructions For Uber
Downtown <-> Airport$13-17
Midtown <-> Airport$14-19
Franklin <-> Airport$29-38
Murfreesboro <-> Airport$34-45
10 May 2016

What time does BNA shuttle start? ›

Access to Terminal

*Shuttle service begins at 3:30 am daily and ends 45 minutes after the last flight arrives.

Can Uber pick up at Nashville Airport? ›

The pickup location at BNA is on Level 1 of the Ground Transportation Center. Look for signs that say “Ride App Pickup.”

Is Uber available at Nashville Airport? ›

Fortunately, Uber is available in Nashville to help you get around—including to and from BNA. A low-cost uberX is perfect for someone traveling with luggage, and uberXL is an option for those traveling in groups.

Can you get around Nashville without a car? ›

The best way to get around Nashville is by car. The city has a public transportation system, but neighborhoods and attractions are a bit too spread out to walk between, which can make visiting multiple sites in one day more complicated.


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